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A glimmer of hope 

Enter The Sanctuary, started in the summer of 2010 by Anri Sung, a Taiwanese lady with a passion for animal rescue, and Sean McCormack, an Englishman living in Taiwan since 1999 and the cofounder of two other national animal charities: Animals Taiwan, which he started in November 2004, and the Taiwan SPCA, which he started in November 2008. 

Sean became moved to dedicate his life to animal rescue and welfare after encouragement from Dr. Jane Goodall at a private meeting at the end of 2004. He has volunteered at various animal organisations all over the world, from the UK and USA to Thailand and Guatemala, and has made reducing animal suffering his life’s mission. 

The Sanctuary has been in operation since the summer of 2010 and focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming or lifelong care of animals in desperate need of assistance. Our vision is to create a nationwide network of animal sanctuaries and rehoming centres to help as many dogs and other animals as possible, and to prevent others needing rescue by educating and also promoting neutering via a community outreach project.

While we do actively rehome animals whenever possible, The Sanctuary is a loving place for those animals unlikely to find suitable care elsewhere, from aggressive, feral, or amputee and disabled dogs, to crippled cats, orphaned squirrels, injured pigeons, pigs who outgrew their homes, and, soon, deer from a nearby farm where their antlers are cut off annually for Chinese medicine—always while they are still growing, and never with anesthesia, until they are left to die on the nearby mountains.

We never give up on animals. One beneficiary of Sanctuary care was Tiny, a mange-riddled, emaciated, depressed rottweiler believed to be aggressive and about to be killed in a local dog pound. With the help of our vet, Dr. Yang, we turned Tiny’s life around, and he went on to win the grand prize at the RSPCA (UK) Ruffs online dog show after garnering over 300,000 votes in the ‘Greatest Transformation’ category.