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All The World Of The Beatiful Creatures

Taiwan is an island nation in East Asia known for its magnificent natural beauty. But beneath the veneer lies a very ugly problem: inadequate animal welfare. Many owned animals, including dogs and cats, are kept in tiny cages or on the end of chains their whole lives. When they become a burden, often because of behavioural problems or health issues, dogs are dumped on mountain roads outside the cities, where they are forced to fend for themselves while enduring the many hardships of street life. Most of them end up killed by speeding cars, taken by the dogcatchers, or riddled with painful mange; many others get maimed by the thousands of illegal snares and leg-hold traps that litter the Taiwan countryside—three-legged amputee strays are an all-too-common heartbreaking sight there.

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Our vision is to create a nationwide network of animal sanctuaries and rehoming centres to help as many dogs and other animals as possible, and to prevent others needing rescue by educating and also promoting neutering via a community outreach project.

While we do actively rehome animals whenever possible, The Sanctuary is a loving place for those animals unlikely to find suitable care elsewhere.  

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